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Keep your research question highly specific and relevant. So pick something that you really enjoy, it helps you create awareness of your surroundings and relationships. Like geography, a lot of it is relatable to our current issues and our lives and practically anything can fall be put into geographical terms. Tzen took up EE in Geography because she needed some air-time in a subject that is not science related and is proud of her decision to do so. Prerequisites are superlative intelligence, a love for the subject and the ability to clearly explain why Mussolini was a tart in words.

If you have no idea what the above two lines are about, history EE is not for you. Picking the right research question is of utmost importance. Make sure your question has avenue for critical analysis and not just plain narration. So start early and confirm your question latest by August. The national library at Bras Basah is probably better than you think. The South East Asian level has walls that change colour. Bring a sweater and a trusty friend along. Exercise supreme wit and charm to develop good working relationships with your mentor.

Han Sheng has never taken history prior to IB before. He continues to defy odds by doing well in examinations. The significance of this leaves to be analyzed. There are so many interesting topics to explore which findings can be related to your everyday life! Choose your topic properly. Do adequate research beforehand, ensure you have access to the required resources and your project results have application value. Begin experimentation early. It is likely that you will have to repeat your experiment many times, modifying it along the way so spread out your stress levels by giving yourself more time.

Do step d only if you have completed your EE early, at least before the end of Year 5, and are fairly confident. It might be hard to think of a topic from scratch. So listen during your Biology lessons to get inspiration from your coursework and do your own reading up not from textbooks only! If I could turn back time, I would do more extensive research to learn more about my area of study so as to devise a better methodology to improve my grade in IB Biology EE. Theory of Knowledge lessons may seem like a free period, but that term only applies to the relaxed atmosphere of discussion.

Admittedly there are times where the cyclic arguments thrown around in class can be frustrating but it is the spirit of learning from peers that really struck me about TOK. I started out as a very bad student of TOK because I could not understand that the demand of this subject is not about answers, it is about questions. If you feel disillusioned about this subject, do not be! Treat it as a chance to help you think critically, rather than a breeding ground for cynical thoughts.

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Accept criticism. If you keep thinking you are right, chances are you will never improve the level of perspectives you might gain from a topic. Your teacher is not allowed to help you much in your assessments; your friends will help you bump up your marks. Treasure any examples. Examples are very crucial to arguments because they can help strengthen a stand. Jot down any examples brought forward in class, no matter how absurd they may seem, like the example of the Charging Rhino.

Do not go for the over-done topics. Be it essay or presentation, you will find yourself tempted to choose the easy topics because they are hot in the news. You will regret once you have to work on the same topic many times over. Be anal-rententive. Go through every argument and every anti-argument until your teacher does not want to read your essay anymore, for fear of death by nagging. The Rubrics. At the end of the day, no matter how creative or compelling your argument is, if they do not fulfill the rubrics, you do not score.

If I could turn back time, I would have chosen my essay topic earlier, to avoid subsequent panic. Tiang Peng had the nerve to challenge the nature of the textbooks we read in Singapore in his Theory of Knowledge Presentation and was duly rewarded. Thinking about thinking. If nothing else, it is a wonderful break from some of the tedium of ultra long lessons, a chance for group discussion and interaction on a much more human level. Where everything else is black and white, this is the chance to waddle in the grey areas, and give your grey matter a good work out.

Thinking is really an enjoyable and surreal experience. Question the norms. Question the system. You learn more from questions than answers. The fact that Matthew is always handling educational forums is a testament to his critical thinking ability. The creativity component in IB encompasses many things, and it is actually the flexibility of the word which one must take advantage of.

Out of the three components, creativity is the one component that encourages the most fun, so your creativity projects never feel like a chore. It is highly recommended that you do something completely out of character. For example, if you are a male chauvinist-type, team up with a group of girls and try embarking on a bake sale, and see how that goes. Not only do you pick up some baking skills which will come in handy much later in life, but doing so will also give you some precious insights into the minds of women of course, reserve these insights from your AEF form.

So the list goes on. It would entirely pointless for me to try and give a detailed list of what creativity is about, for as the name implies, it is really entirely up to you to see what creativity means for yourself. Just as long as it does not involve anything completely ridiculous, then you should be fine. Creativity, like a spice, is best when it is combined with another CAS component that is Action or Service. Always been wanting to improve your skills on the pool table? Now you have the chance. Then Creativity and Service — why should service just be limited to just doing conventional work at a home?

The fact is, this is creativity. If you do, you defeat the entire purpose of it. The onus is truly on you for what you want to do. Alastair re-defines creativity. When he was in year 4, he took up harmonica lessons — way before any CAS needed to be done. Today, it is hard to associate that instrument with anyone else. The main source of creativity hours for CAS can be tapped from various involvements which need not consume much involvement and can be spread throughout several weeks.

For example, community service in designing a wall in a public hospital can earn you all components of CAS, with at least 10 hours of creativity depending on the scale and the length of the project. A production of teaching video for cancer children to keep them with a source of interactive leaning, could also earn a considerable amount of at least 10 hours of creativity. Basically the source of creativity hours comes from activities related to design, art, and your ability to make a charity project to be more creative and dynamic.

For example, by being a volunteer in teaching an orphanage in art and craft classes, where the production of these children can be sold for charity. Another possible earning for creativity hour could also come from long term project such as helping to publicize charity events that are being planned in the school. The benefit of focusing your CAS around the creativity hours is that it allows you to easily outsource the action and service hours which comes automatically as you brainstorm around your attempt to produce a creative event directed at charity and community service.

Participation in costume designing, art or music competition can also be used as source of creativity hour as long as the prize gained is directed for charity. However, there is a catch; creativity hour can only be claimed for activities which are constantly reviewed or under constant change. Thus, constant rehearsals do not count as creativity hour as it does not involve real use of your actual creative brainpower as it went autopilot.

Just a reminder that you should keep in touch with your CAS hours and cover them constantly and plan to cover a majority of them in the first year, thus at least the spillover towards second year only need to be a completion hours. This way, you're saving yourself from the excruciating pain or juggling the various datelines eventually integrating yourself into CAS a. Casualty Assistance Students. Notice that he is always smiling! I would like to share my experience on how to garner as much Action as possible.

Much like recent movie , you can see all the buff strong men in action screaming with bloodlust, paddling water till it bubbled white with rage. Being in a race provides anyone with all adrenaline and action you can ask for. However my race ended as I got injured. Since I entered IB, I thought why not try a new water sport? I joined sailing, quite a newbie with absolutely no idea what it was like. Compared to a good friend who is the Asian games gold medalist and with a really strict coach, it was really tough and humbling. But the lessons I took out of sailing were bountiful and enriching; I learnt the ways of a sailor, entered my first competition within 7 trainings on a Laser after the introduction on the Pico, and well I got owned.

However with much more time spent on the water, I entered the nationals in my first year and still got owned, just not that badly.

Best of all, I got loads of fun and action hours learning such an enjoyable sport. My advice is to try new things, join a new sport as you never know what else you may learn and get other than just a lot of action out of it. I say I am very proud to experience all these sports before, something memorable to share with other people.

As such, do take up a new sport if you can for Action! All you need is enthusiasm! For most of us, the action component of CAS is the most easily fulfilled. That said, you could approach the action component in one of two ways, either join a sport for one season to clock up those hours, or join many activities and clock bits from here and there. I did the latter because as an ex-sportsman I found it meaningless to compete for the sake of CAS. Heck, try everything! It seemed almost insurmountable, this crazy feat.

And, well, while it may be tempting initially to clock 15 hours for some inane activity like, gluing angpows together, once you keep your eyes peeled for a meaningful activity, you will find the hours piling up effortlessly. Source for a worthy cause, not because of the hours, but because you really feel it is worthwhile to devote a significant portion of your time to serving it. I mean, we talking about hours away from doing your EE here!

Guide to ACSi IBDP

Start your CAS search early, and not wait till the last few months. Try to clear your hours as early as possible, so when the whole world is fretting, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the drama. Update your CAS logs regularly!!! Or else you would have this major backlog that everyone experiences due to accumulated sloth.

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Try to do a few big worthwhile projects, instead of doing 25 small, meaningless, forgettable projects which does not add on to your character development though you spend the same amount of time on it. Read above TIP 4 repeatedly until it is permanently engraved in your mind. Service activities that qualify for service hours are usually held outside school hours, and most often they should be activities that contribute towards society, such as helping out in a home for the disabled.

Thus, the Service section aims to imbue in IB students the value of service and what it means to go out of the way to take part in this service. What then are some activities that would qualify for service hours? As mentioned above, activities such as taking part in overseas community service, or even spending an afternoon helping out in a school activity. In order to meet the requirement of 50 hours, it is advisable to take part in a long-term activity that requires continual attendance.

For example, the 1st Student Council organized a CAS activity, which involved going to Changi Sailing Club in the afternoon over a period of time to assist disabled sailors. Justin volunteered to help lead others in CAS projects even when he no longer required clocking service hours and this really shows his heart for service. You start looking for any signs around you that remotely resembles the number You laugh at JC friends who complain about having to write a thousand-word essay.

You refer to Descartes, Aristotle and Kant as if they were your members of your class. You look forward to the long Chinese New Year break because you can finish up your science practicals.

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You figured out a concise 20 second explanation about what the IBDP is about, just in case someone asked again. The post and its associated comments are reproduced below with some alterations to grammar and spelling, and omissions to certain names to protect the innocent. The Summary Performance sheet based on our Prelim results are rather interesting.

He would score:. However, the poor B;M and econs version of average Joe scored 3 points less from his humanities combination. Interesting, no? The secret to scoring well is taking 3 languages! Although i highly doubt somebody could be able to do Chinese B and Hindi B simultaneously. One could, however, do an Ab-Initio.

The average student doing these subjects would thus score 37 points. The fascinating thing is synergy though. Looking at the situation class by class, the MSG is pulled down by students taking non-synergistic subjects and students taking subjects they had little choice but to take and hated. I only know one person who does 3 languages and got 7 for 2 of them and a 6 for English. And honestly, you have to factor in other things like the number of candidates, the bell curve etc. If you were to look at the Geog class size, it is one of the smallest classes and has one of the bandings for grades.

Flag for inappropriate content. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Draft 1. Also, the size of this document has exceeded a suitable Extended Essay length. In this section, I will write some notes about the course that might be important. Try looking for a document in the various document 9 http: With this document, you can check when exactly are 14 http: Remember, education is not a destination, but an experiential journey.

What do I feel about IB Ab initio: However, short-term pain is long-term gain, and all you ab initio students should be consoled that after these 2 years, we would have adequately mastered one of the following: Please choose wisely, and take an ab initio you have a passion for, as it requires a lot more work than the mother tongue B languages 2.

Mug it. Individual Oral examinations. French is harder to speak than write; practice for it well! What do I feel about Biology HL: Have at least 2 reference texts plus the IB guide and study all 3 3. When in doubt, always refer to the syllabus outline to revise for exams 4. Get hold of the answer scheme for past year paper questions, highlight and memorise key points for important questions especially 20 mark essay ones 5. Despite this, 5 tips are available: State that DNA replication is semi-conservative.

Although the questions probably would hardly trouble a sec two student, its good use for getting used to the IB style, practicing time management, handwriting, reading… Timothy and Jonathan Jacob are constantly vying for prime position in Biology SL. As Dr. Tan says, you become cleverer. Internal Assessment. Five most vital survivor tips for IB HL chemistry: Think very carefully before doing a chem. It is difficult to get a good topic. The one thing to look out for in IB HL chemistry: Get a good reference text, preferably higher than a-level standard.

They are the easiest to ace so you at least have one nice prac to send to IBO 3. Ask for tuition when you know you need it 5. You will understand when it hits you. I will now illustrate the value of drawing those intricate scribbles diagrams. Participate in class.

Get a book and take notes about discussions in class, much easier to organize that way.

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Personally engage your texts. Joshua is still a pointer. In his spare time gasp he plays the guitar. Four most vital tips for surviving IB HL history: Exploit SL History students. Study religiously. Do it to avoid concentration camps. Drink Coffee. Or Red Bull. Or Livita. Or Red Dragon.

IB HL Exam Questions - Complex Numbers using De Moivre's Theorem

Or… you get the idea. Watch Chinese TV serials try not to read subtitles 3. A 7 is perfect. Matthew topped Chinese B SL last year. Obviously he would not change anything. Perseverance is the answer - JW 2. Take down all the examples your teacher goes through. Do practice questions. Clarify any doubts you have. Math can be cheem, but your teachers are there to help.

The one thing to look out for in HL Math: Portfolio Week. Enough said. It gets progressively more difficult. Justin enjoys the classroom atmosphere of a Physics class. He claims it is positively charged. Essay should not take more than 4 days or 16 hours 4 hours a day to complete 4. Know that your EE is the easiest to complete. Lots of groundwork surveys, interviews etc. Jit is a dark horse in the race to become the top for Economics this year. Choose a piece s of literature you are truly interested in 2. Re-read x 3.

Pick out an interesting feature from the literature s that you wish to further develop as your research area you may already have chosen this when you picked your literature 4. Construct a research question, discuss feasibility with mentor and make further changes if needed 5. Do not be afraid to re-write your entire essay 3. Get a good approach to your topic,eg. Geography Fieldwork Techniques. Misinterpreting the question. What do I feel about Biology EE: Do adequate research beforehand, ensure you have access to the required resources and your project results have application value 2.

It is likely that you will have to repeat your experiment many times, modifying it along the way so spread out your stress levels by giving yourself more time 3. Try to get hold of a good Biology EE sample and take note of what is required in the content 4. Five most vital survival tips to IB Theory of Knowledge: Do your essay as early possible 2.

Have confidence. There is no such thing as right or wrong thinking. Just be yourself.

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Just the opportunity to think out of the box and push the boundaries; to be yourself. If I could turn back time, I would have finished my essay earlier and done a second draft. Allows you to conveniently organize your photos by categories such as event or location. More IB Updater 2.

This is part of Incredibar. More iTunes An audio player for playing and organizing digital music files. Buy music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More Apache OpenOffice 4. If you are like most computer users, you must have experienced the pain of being unable to open a document because you lost or forgot a password. Such cases of password loss are more common than ever. Descriptions containing ib math question bank mac. More Skype 8. Skype is software for calling other people on their computers or phones.

Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption. More Mozilla Firefox You have exams in May - that's a year and a half until. This is totally what you were asking for, right? We do not distribute copyright material. You can buy them from the IBO store. If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it.

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