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First: Make Sure Your AirPlay Is Enabled on Your Apple TV

Mirroring can be really useful, letting you show presentations, slideshows, or movies on a big screen without the need for wires; or you can use your HDTV as a second computer monitor, again without wiring. It lets you, for example, mirror a specific app to the TV while still using your Mac desktop as normal, and also lets you set variable video quality and framerates so you can tailor the connection.

On older, less powerful Macs, this means you should still get good results by dropping the data rate down a little.

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You can purchase AirParrot here. Read more: Apple Final Cut Pro X. After installing the app, its icon will appear in the menu bar. If you have an Apple TV device on your wireless network, it should appear under the Devices section in the menu.

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Click on the Apple TV device and your Mac should begin mirroring the desktop. The Display section shows information about connected displays and built-in screens. If you choose Extend Desktop, your TV will become part of the desktop, at a higher resolution in our case, above. You should be able to move the cursor from Mac to TV.

This is ideal for sending a presentation or slideshows to a screen while still working on your Mac. AirParrot will only send an app to your TV when that app has a window open on the screen. Interestingly, using Apple TV as a second screen was the worst option for me. I get a little lost when you get to explaining the Wifi Connection stuff. Am I missing something?

Cheers, thanks for your help so far.

Part 1: AirPlay Mirroring with Raspberry Pi

Just one question: I use Time Capsule as a router to stream video via airplay from an Imac to appletv. The result is disappointing concerning frame rate. Local apple store changed my appletv for a new one. I tested it again: The same. The only way I have found a viable solution is through a third party program called apple beamer. I have purchased it and I can watch all my stored movies from external hd drives without transfer rate problems wirelessly.

Still, I think apple should come by itself to a solution to this problem. Apple should more homework regarding the quality of the net sharing capabilities of its systems. Sometimes design is not enough! Thank you — your advice on Display settings and using 5G combined to do the trick. Many thanks!

Display settings

I was getting a lot of lag on the stream. I extended the desktop first and and it had a huge impact on the quality. I then had a play are with the display settings and again my steam improved. Thanks again for all the tips. Airplay kept lagging! I nearly threw my tv, apple tv and router away — pieces of shit. Thank god I am not using any wireless keyboards for this piece of shit stupid ATV3! My husband logs into his account on our iMac and the airplay streams to apple tv with no problems at all, but in my account it freezes.

The settings are the same, so why is this happening? The best option for video is to use Beamer. It streams the raw video file to ATV rather than trying to capture and encode the display frame buffer in real time. It will transcode the video codec on the fly if needed but normally it is just the container that needs to be transcoded i. Anybody have any appreciations about performance of the AirPlay hd playback movies from the new MacBook ? Thanks a lot for your help. Hi, I have just updated my iphone to IOS 9. Any ideas??? Excellent post thank you.

Why can't my Mac screen show on my Apple TV? - Practical Help for Your Digital Life®

What worked best for me is turning off all Bluetooth devices in the room. Changing the display settings as mentioned mirror screens worked best for me. Making sure the laptop is always on a power supply. And finally, plugging in my router Fritzbox , so that I could change the channel that my router was set on. Amazingly almost all routers in my building were set on channel 1, there were more than 15 routers on this channel, so I moved over the channel to 3. The display settings of course help, but interference must play a massive part.

Turning off Bluetooth as many others have discovered!

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Cheers, -Rach. Have combed the internet for the right answer but nothing helpfull so far — have swallowed the ego and decided to ask for help. My problem is as follows: I stream alot of movies and videos on my Mac, but as soon as i mirror my screen to airplay the video cuts and starts buffering indefinitely almost.

No stop start just buffering. I must be doing something wrong as surly this is possible — have also tested my internet speed and its working fine — 10mbs. I followed all the step as explained. I found that I had a movie file that simply had too high a data rate and had to use a movie recompressed to a lower data rate. It still looked pretty good and the file size was smaller too which was nice. The more you tap L, the faster it plays, and the more you tap J the faster it plays in reverse.

Zwift IOS: Big Screen AirPlay using Apple TV

K stops playback regardless of speed. Holding down K while tapping L or J steps by frames. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.