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WD My Cloud offers network attached and cloud storage features, which you can get from services like Google Drive and Dropbox. This device has a dashboard that is browser-based and also offers digital living network alliance DLNA support where you can use apps to access your drive even when you are away. You can use your smartphone, PC, or tablet just like you would with other cloud services.

Compared to cloud storage though, you have a much bigger storage space with WD My Cloud. Plus, you do not have to worry about sharing your music files with another company because they are all in your control. You can use the cloud feature anytime you want and you have the freedom to upload what you need. All these are available for you without paying a monthly subscription fee.

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Other features of the device include backing up on Windows and Mac using its own backup solution. It also has a USB 3. You can use it to start direct downloads or transfers from cameras and other devices.

Turning a Mac Into a Music Server | The Absolute Sound

Unfortunately, it does not support connections to networks and printers. There are also restrictions when it comes to the apps you can use, including the fact that they do not have a media player. This means you have to rely on the format your device supports to play your files. This is typically not an issue for Android and Windows, but can be a huge drawback for iOS users.

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It is also an affordable choice, especially for those who are into producing music just for fun. Currently, 4TB is the largest when it comes to single volume portable drive capacities. With the really small size of this Seagate hard drive , it can easily rival other desktop drives that are much bigger than its physical size. After tests performed on the drive, many users believe it is one of the fastest around.

Aside from being a fast device, it also has some useful features for music production, including the ability to back up local data, content from social media, and mobile devices. The drive does seem like one of the best options for those who want to carry their home videos or music library on the go. Meanwhile, this portable hard drive comes with some limitations. One is it does not provide a long warranty compared to other hard drives on the market. Another downside is that it does not provide security, so anyone can simply access the contents of the drive without your permission.

Nevertheless, you can use this external hard drive as a helpful piece of backup software for the music or audio files you create. Users looking for a way to not only save the music they have produced, but also to boost the performance of their computer big time can look into the EVO from Samsung. This particular technology allows the drive to use a part of its flash memory as a zone for buffering.

What happens here is that when you save your audio files, the data is transferred to that portion of the memory at fast speeds. Meanwhile, when it is idle, the data will be moved to the primary storage from the buffer region. As a result, the write performance is much faster.

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Additionally, you do not have to enable TurboWrite since it is automatically turned on. This feature can help boost the performance of the computer. Although the device promises to provide high write speeds, it is not the fastest on the market, particularly for copying. It is a good deal if you are searching for a reliable internal drive for storing music. When it comes to portability, this Toshiba hard drive is one of the best options for you. It is designed just a little bit bigger than a card deck, making it easy to take your files with you whenever and wherever you want. Toshiba Canvio Basics is indeed basic as it is very easy to use.

You just need to plug it into your computer using its 3. If you have a Mac, you can still use this hard drive. However, you will need to reformat the device first to a compatible format. It may sound difficult, but it is actually quite easy to do. Because it uses a 3. The rotational speeds for this hard drive can reach up to 5, RPM. Plus, it includes an internal shock sensor as well as ramp loading technology to help you keep all your files safe in the storage. This OWC storage unit is another good option for music making projects. It comes with a wide range of configurations, while offering storage capacities that start at 2TB up to 20TB.

There are two hard drives that the RAID holds, which can either be a spinning media or a solid state drive. It comes with a piece of installation software, along with a detailed user guide, Thunderbolt cables, power and USB.

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With 0 as the default setting, there are four different configurations for RAID and they are all controlled using a rotating switch found at the back of the device. Configurations are RAID 0 to 1, independent discs, and spanned discs. The default setting will provide the user with the fastest performance the device can offer. Manage the other Macs around the house, centralised Time Machine, and also serve as a file server for the couple of Windows machines I have.

So it's a Mac Mini with gb of storage so I obviously need to add a lot more.

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Thunderbolt appears to be way too expensive and a lot of people say it's overkill for a home setup anyway. NAS seems to be the most cost effective way, but then does that negate the point of the Mac server anyway? USB seems good but i can't find any decent USB enclosures, are there any that anyone would recommend? Posted on Mar 16, 3: Mar 16, 4: Sadly many would say that Macs are not appropriate to use as real servers for companies, however some do and for small companies they are perfectly usable. Obviously in a home situation the concerns over the suitable of a Mac as a server are totally different.

While the most common choice for storage for a Mac server these days would be an external Thunderbolt RAID solution e.

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However some people say that NAS based Time Machine servers are not sufficiently reliable and you should only use a genuine Apple solution such as either a Time Capsule or a Mac running Server. I would agree somewhat that NAS based Time Machine systems are not going to be as reliable as a genuine Apple one but I would also probably say that they are not completely useless either. Page content loaded.

Mar 17, 5: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mikedsouza Mikedsouza. Thunderbolt appears to be way too expensive and a lot of people say it's overkill for a home setup anyway NAS seems to be the most cost effective way, but then does that negate the point of the Mac server anyway?