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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Like previous versions, the program is deep, capable, and comes with plenty of documentation. But the centerpiece of BIAB is the ability to type in any chords you want and have the program craft a stylistically appropriate accompaniment using audio recorded by real musicians called RealTracks. Head over to the online version to hear an example.

Another fun feature was the ability to export animated videos of the chord chart synced up with the audio. If you can get around the clunkier aspects of the interface, BIAB is one of the most useful tools for inquisitive musicians out there. Easily expandable set of RealTracks. Extremely high quality audio. Plenty of documentation. Ease of Use: Guitars Bass Amps Pedals Players. Since attending a Dave Matthews Band concert as a teenager, Jason has been into all things guitar.

Since then, he has spent time doing everything from promotion at an indie music label to organizing guitar workshops all over the country. Currently, Jason lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Quick Hit: Bogner Ecstasy Blue Mini. Related Articles Quick Hit: Hi Rachael, thanks! Changing style for certain instrument, tried many times in RB but maybe I miss out a few steps. If you are new to both programs, Biab is probably easier to use than Real Band.

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A Biab style controls what instruments are used so if you change styles and regenerate, you could hear all new instruments or maybe one or two depending on the style. In RB if you are using the first 8 tracks as Biab tracks, then it works the same way when you hit the generate button. BUT and this is where RB is so good, you can highlight a track outside of the first 8 like track 11 or 32 or whatever and select a style, then right click anywhere in the track and select either midi or a Real Track and then it will generate that one track only.

The reason I like Real Band so much is I can either import a Biab song or create one from scratch using RB's chord grid the same as Biab and generate the song. That gives me a starting point. Then I start highlighting other tracks starting with 9 and generating new tracks using all different styles, some midi and some Real Tracks or drums. You have 40 additional tracks to play with. Just remember that by highlighting one track and using the right mouse click to select the instrument will generate that track only and leave the rest alone.

Now you can have several different styles in the same song using both midi and RT's. That can be very cool.

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Biab is easier to use because you put in the chords, select the style and that's it, done but with a lot fewer choices than Real Band. Hi Bob, Thanks for the tips! I'll try that, use track 9 onwards! I hope it will solve my problem. Thanks for asking this, I am also new to BIAB and RB and from a newbie perspective is it VERY confusing, there seems to be a lot of overlap between the 2 products and the line is blurred where one product ends and the next begins, the recommended strategies for getting them to work together, which is better to use based on what you are trying to accomplish, etc.

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This topic alone that addresses the difference between the 2 products could be its own white paper which I wish PG would publish. Chesapeake, Virginia USA. Realistically, I think we are all still working out our separate workflows, habits, discoveries etc. I no longer do that. These days, I use BIAB to settle on the best style for a song because it's quick and easier to change styles and demo them as some others above also do.

RB is much more powerful in that it gives me greater control over tracks and sections of tracks. As Mac has said, though, much of it has to do with what you get used to.

Regards, Noel. London, Ontario, Canada.

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I use the software for hours every day, since my retirement. It's first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing at night. uses cookies.

Perhaps I'm obsessed. I did just manage to clean the kitchen, run the dishwasher, and make the coffee, start the supper meat defrosting, and listen to the news though! I suggest any new user go a 'hunting'. Find Band In a Box files using google. I've gotten thousands of jazz classics, and use them all the time. Another good source of starting material is to acquire a fake book and backing tracks from Notes Norton.

I got the 60's Rock and Roll fakebook and have had lots of good times with that. He has the Mantooth series of jazz books, and those are a great start for someone wanting to do jazz. I'll admit that I don't seem to need Realband for my purposes. My workflow is Band in a Box to Audacity. Audacity is free, and I'm used to it.

I can sing my song, record the Band in a Box output and vocal into Audacity and trim the front and back, shine it up a bit, and save it as an mp3. That's it Lots of people where will help you. New users should post their setup, ie computer, operating system, sound devices, and type of music, with an example song they want to work on and ask for some help.

We all go our own way, but you'll get lots of 'advice' on how the song evolves. Do all the regular things, determine the number of repeats you want, add a solo, put in lyrics so you get the hang of that, and explore plug ins.. Regards, Noel Ditto this, - my current workflow also. By the way, great thread folks.

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