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The Post-Gazette also never reported on the opening of the slide — but a photo of kids enjoying a slide built into the hillside, made of a slippery concrete, appeared in August on the front page. A similar photo appeared the next year. People across the city seem to have taken Ms.

Mac Miller Blue Slide Park 2 Vinyl Set

Building a slide into a hill is, when you think about it, a very Pittsburgh thing to do — taking advantage of the hills and using them for fun. A quick Google image search shows that some other playgrounds have slides that follow with the slope of a hill, but few are truly built in like the blue slide — recessed into the hill with no supports other than the earth. Goleman, 26, grew up at the park — sliding, sledding, swinging and playing baseball alongside his classmate, Malcolm. At the top of the hill, Mr. Goleman remembered, you could look out over the park, see the baseball fields, basketball courts and all your friends climbing back up.

Rademacher said. Simonds, who thought a lot about play and imagination in children, brought a new perspective to the design. The different layers, Ms. Rademacher noted, function as a way to draw people together.

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Another innovate Simonds design was the use of berms — raised land at the border of the playground — to keep the city noise from entering, and kept screaming kids from annoying the neighbors. That interpretation makes sense, but after hearing about how long the journey down the slide feels for its young riders, the line seems to take on another meaning. The rapper sprints up the hill and proceeds to explain to MTV how to properly use cardboard to get some extra speed.

He also says that when he announced his album title some vandals threw a bucket of red paint down the slide, which you can see in photos from after The slide also received a fresh batch of concrete.

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Gary Rotstein, who wrote that article, had some first-hand knowledge of how kids climbed up the stone. He remembers hearing people blast the album, singing along to references to his own neighborhood. But he was probably the only one he knew listening who had sat on his cardboard and taken what seemed like a never-ending ride down the blue slide painted on the cover.

John is a photo editing intern at the Post-Gazette interested in Pittsburgh history and old photos. You can find him on Twitter jham and send ideas for future Digs posts to jhamilton post-gazette. I spent a lot nof time at Frick park growing up. Many good memories from girl scout events when I was young to hanging out at Crazy Park as a teen.

My Kids loved sliding, so did my grandkids and I loved in my adulthood to go down head first on my stomach. My grandkids running in circles and disappearing Under the half pipe tunnels.

I dare them all to climb up and down on the yellow climbing contraption to the right of the slide. Or hanging up side down from the branches of the small tree at the entrance to the park.

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Walking the dogs and exploring the trails in the woods. Soccer practice and games on the hill. Now, they are all gone to other places, and old me Still like to ride on my bicycle into the park watching the new kids and people with all over the world faces having fun. Your email address will not be published. Your Comment. Your Name.

Your Email. When Blue Slide Park opened with , copies sold in its first week in November , according to Nielsen Music, the full-length became the first independently-distributed debut album to hit No. The chart feat would be impressive on its own. Looking back nearly seven years later, however, the way Miller -- who died of an apparent overdose on Friday Sept. Miller had not guested on any major hip-hop projects ahead of his debut album, and Blue Slide Park includes zero featured acts on its track list.

So how did Miller do it in ?

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That combination -- output plus live shows plus online engagement -- represented the standard playbook for an aspiring rapper hoping to spark a grassroots movement in the early s. Yet the No. Anyone who doubted his charisma or commercial potency just had to take one look at the numbers to see that Miller had garnered a true, dedicated following. Miller admitted in a Complex interview that he was so distraught by the criticism that he became addicted to promethazine, or lean, as a result.

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  5. The history of popular music is littered with examples of artists that enjoy a single moment in the spotlight and never understand how to innovate beyond it.