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Click the icon to run the Dolphin program. References 2 MacApper: How To: Resources 1 Dolphin Emulator: About the Author G.

How to Use Dolphin on a Mac

Photo Credits computer image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia. Accessed 19 February Jackson, G. How to Use Dolphin on a Mac.

How to Use a Keyboard as a Wii controller in Dolphin on a Mac or PC!!! (Working 2018)

In the first half of Dolphin's developers deprecated the wxWidgets GUI and replaced it with one based on Qt because the original GUI's limitations stood in the way of implementing new features. Features of Dolphin include the ability to start games regardless of region , record tool-assisted speedruns , [80] [81] [82] and the use of cheat codes with Action Replay and Gecko. Two kinds of network play are supported by Dolphin: Emulated local multiplayer [87] and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

It applies to games that by default have no online option. The second kind is for online gameplay for WFC supported Wii games with other Dolphin users as well as real Wii users. Game progress can be saved on virtual GameCube Memory Cards , emulated Wii flash memory , and save states. Dolphin features a Memory Card Manager which allows transfer of save files to and from virtual GameCube memory cards.

Like many other console emulators on PC, Dolphin supports arbitrary resolutions, [52] [91] [92] whereas the GameCube and Wii only support up to p.

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Dolphin can load customized texture maps. Dolphin can output stereoscopic 3D graphics on any platform Dolphin runs. Special hardware such as Nvidia 3D Vision is also supported. The ability to play games in stereoscopic 3D is a feature the original consoles never had, [95] although Nintendo did originally plan to release stereoscopic 3D add-on screen for the GameCube. Additional features to further enhance the graphics quality are also available. Dolphin supports spatial anti-aliasing , anisotropic filtering , post-processing pixel shaders , and a widescreen hack for forcing widescreen output on games that do not support it natively.

The Dolphin emulator has been well received by the gaming community, with the program's ability to run games at a higher resolution than the GameCube's native i and Wii's native p resolution receiving particular praise from the gaming community. Dolphin has been used by some people as a tool to mitigate certain shortcomings for gamers; in , business owner and father Mike Hoye, who had been playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with his daughter and realized that the game referred to the main character as a male individual regardless of the inputted name, changed all of the game's cutscene dialogue text to refer to a girl instead of a boy by editing it through a hex editor, testing out the game's ISO using Dolphin.

A version of Dolphin made to emulate the Triforce arcade system titled Dolphin Triforce was in development by the Dolphin team, but was eventually disabled after development priorities shifted and the feature became unmaintained. The latest release is 5. The fork attempts to remedy performance problems present in Dolphin such as microstuttering due to shader compilation. For instance, you can add lots of cool additional enhancements like depth of field , ambient occlusion , various types of color correction and a whole lot more […].

It's also worth noting that this version of Dolphin helps avoid the shader compilation stutters that plagued the official release of the emulator and it leads to a much more fluid experience. As with Dolphin, development is hosted on GitHub. Official website. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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