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Apple For example, you can tweak the cheapest MacBook Pro with extra performance specs that propose great value against more expensive models. Going into those tweaking details isn't for everyone, so I've done it for you! This guide should help you find which Apple laptop fits within your budget according to what kind of user you are, whether you use lightweight apps, have several open browser tabs and apps, or you're a power user who needs top performance.

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I also propose budget options, as well as "full-fat" models that make less of a compromise on performance and features. You can even buy certain models from Apple's Refurbished Mac Store if you want to save some money. Don't balk at the word "refurbished. I saved a bunch of money on my refurbished MacBook Pro , and it came in pristine aesthetic and working condition. The new MacBook Air is the ideal laptop for the majority of computer users. It's light, slim, portable, and packs enough power for the most common computer apps and use cases.

It'll also run more advanced apps for things like photo editing, but don't expect lightning-quick performance every time, it'll vary on the complexity of the task. That being said, it can handle everything your typical user does on a daily basis. It can even handle some high-end, professional production tasks. Ready to buy a MacBook?

Models without Touch Bar were originally released June Touch Bar models were released July The MacBook Pro features a high-density display with so many pixels that images and text look especially smooth and clean.

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The MacBook Pro is for the demanding user who wants a portable computer that also performs well. MacBook Pro models sit at the top of the performance chart of Mac laptops. The MacBook Pro is available in screen sizes of 13 inches and 15 inches. The inch Retina display has a native resolution of x, and OS X offers a scaled resolution up to x These high-scale resolutions can accommodate the workspace of a larger-screen standard Mac laptop on a smaller Retina MacBook Pro if you can tolerate the smaller icons, text, and other graphics on the screen. If you use a third-party app such as QuickRes , you can set the Retina screen to use resolutions higher than the scaled settings OS X offers, including the native resolution.

The Touch Bar is a new input device.

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The button and controls available on the Touch Bar change depending on the software you are using. Learn more about the Touch Bar. Those models have the traditional function keys. No need to worry about wireless connectivity: If you have a Thunderbolt 3 device, you can plug it directly into the laptop. The same goes for any USB-C device. Unfortunately, be prepared to shell out a good amount of extra cash.

Why You Should NOT Just Walk into the Apple Store to Buy Your Mac

The version of the inch Apple MacBook Pro is the best yet, comes with the Touch Bar as standard and features a range of improvements over the older models. The screen resolution may be the same with the excellent Retina display, but now there's True Tone technology inside that senses ambient lighting in the room or outdoors to adjust the brightness of the screen for the best possible picture. The keyboard is quieter and less 'clicky' too. You're getting the brand new 8th-gen Coffee Lake core processor and the quad-core CPUs have doubled the performance of the models.

Today's best Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (2018) deals

With more options for larger RAM too, options really open up for creatives and professionals with the MacBook Pro Six-core Intel Core i7 — i9 Graphics: The larger inch version of the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is generally going to cost a fair bit more than the inch model, but that's not just because of the larger screen. This model packs a lot more under the hood too, with Apple providing multiple options with increased RAM, extra processing power with a six core Coffee Lake processor and larger SSD storage options.

Naturally, you're getting the same improvements over the version too like the True Tone screen technology and quieter keyboard. This really is a powerhouse laptop for designers and industry creatives.

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If you don't need all the power though, we'd consider the cheaper inch model, or maybe even one of the older versions found below if the prices are right for you. We have to admit, we thought Apple was done with the MacBook Air line after the new Pro lineup was just as compact and almost as light. Apple has given the inch MacBook Air its first update since though. Older MacBook Air stock is gradually disappearing from retailers now although prices have been stubbornly high even on refurbs.

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  7. In all honesty, you're getting much better value by opting for this modern version instead. The screen and compact dimensions on the MacBook are the same as the edition. But if you're weighing up the actual differences between the new and MacBooks, here are some key points to consider. You're now getting the 7th-gen Kaby Lake processors with i5 and i7 options now available.

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