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Power Prompter

You will memorize text faster. You will sound professional. Like a news anchor on TV. With a teleprompter your production quality improves instantly. Giving you an edge over your competition. Once you start using a teleprompter the results will show instantly. You will quickly have more fun doing your work.

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Which means that your results will improve and you will make less mistakes. Time you could use to get advertisers for your podcast. To attract more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

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Or to impress potential clients with your flawless high quality work. You can use Power Prompter in any setting where spoken word is important. The possible use cases range from podcasting, over freelance voice acting to public speaking. From presentations over speeches to radio shows, radio ads or TV productions.

Publisher's Description

Power Prompter is a great tool to have at your disposal - often with not so obvious use cases. Power Prompter users have been using the app in many inventive ways: To prepare and hold sermons, to give text hints to live singers on stage or to run educational webinars for hundreds of viewers.

Benefits of using a teleprompter…

No matter what your line of work is: Power Prompter quickly will become your go-to teleprompter software. Truly pleased with this purchase. Easy step by step instructions. Simple to use. Ease of editing. Over all… this is a great purchase. Both myself and my partner learned to use in minutes and had it running and recorded our first training module in a half hour after purchase. Brilliant product…satisfied consumer!

If you are new to teleprompters then Power Prompter is perfect for you: But Power Prompter is not just some simplistic beginner app with limited features. It is the right stuff for Pros, too. You can create complex multi display installations, add teleprompter hoods, tweak all possible parameters and remotely control the whole thing from your iPad, iPhone or from another Mac.

You can underline important parts, change the text color or choose from the full palette of UTF and Emoji symbols to mark something really important. Everything will appear on the teleprompter exactly as you styled it.

Free! Best Teleprompter App for iPad or iPhone

And if you have to work with talent that gets easily distracted you can choose to display all kinds of indicators and overlays to keep them focussed and make both your lives easier. For the talent your scripts will look exactly as you set them up in the editor - no matter the size and resolution of the display. All teleprompter windows stay in sync with the script at all times. Power Prompter finally does away with the annoying tweaking of line breaks and text sizes just to make the script look reasonable on all connected displays.

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Power Prompter offers super smooth scrolling at a constant 60fps so the talent won't get distracted by jerky scrolling and can focus on the job. Script editing is as easy as writing a letter! And you can use all the formatting too: Bold, Italic, Underline, different Colors - even Emojis. Prop up your script and give the talent extra visual clues. You can even use a presentation clicker! Power Prompter is fully compatible with beamsplitter hoods. With just one click Power Prompter will mirror your script along any given axis. It allows you "prompt" regular text files or script files created with CAN Script.

It allows you to manage a list of separate files that will be displayed in order. You can speed up, pause or slow down the prompting rate. VidiPrompt is designed for computers with two monitors. On running the "prompt" window will seek out the second monitor. In a television studio the second monitor is usually attached to an NTSC output and sent to the cameras so the talent can read the copy. Version 2. Page Down button now mapped correctly. Keyboard shortcuts always worked, but button was incorrect. Added scroll wheel support Similar Software.

No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Mirror Screens. Rich Text Editing. Smart Screens. Custom Styles. Easy to Use. Free Software. Core source code Most of the program's logic is contained here. Contact us Support email We read and reply to every e-mail.

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