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It's not their responsibility to make QT support SnapZ, by any means. But for the developers at Ambrosia to be able to get SnapZ to feed the correct data to QT's "sequence grabber", they would probably need to be able to get at components of the Quicktime source code that are generally locked up tight, and for good reason. But we can't really expect the QT development team to move SnapZ support to the front-burner, either. I still think Cinema tools is the key, as it digs past some of those QT layers that are mesing up the math, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

The developer of SP X: When you set SP X to 25 fps, it does everything it can to capture at that exact frame rate given the machine's processor power. Sometimes it can, however sometimes it can't - that's the nature of a multitasking operating system. The frame rate being reported in QT is the exact framerate that movie was captured at it should be basically the same displayed in SP X's Save Movie dialog's Movie Info panel.

However, that means that the duration of each frame is not exact from frame to frame. Here's the official response from Apple: We do not simply divide the duration by the sample count, as this yields inaccurate results for movies that may have long frames, dropped frames, or having edits applied by the user or another application e. First thing FCP checks is the timescale. At present, FCP uses the following timescales on a normal basis: The timescale doesn't determine the rate by itself, but provides data for other checks.

Next, we correlate the start and end of the track, with the media itself. Next, we get the duration of the first, second, and last samples. The second sample is compared against the first and last samples, to see if the durations are consistent. The QT sequencegrabber has a habit of making the first and last samples longer or shorter in duration than one would normally expect.

Dividing this by the expected sample duration second sample duration , allows us to check if the total length is an integral of the expected duration. After all this, we have a timescale, and a normalized sample duration, which we then lookup in a table, or divide out to find the frame rate. Some of the more common combinations are: FCP does not support variable length samples in movies. We're expecting all of the samples to be the same duration in a movie, or at least of an integral duration.

If you're generating a movie that is not NTSC rate based, then use a timescale of , dividing this by your frame rate to get the sample duration. If you're using one of the 3 NTSC rate combinations we support 23,98, 29,97, 59,94 , then use a timescale of or , and the appropriate sample duration or You should just be able to manually set the framerate in FinalCut Pro to what the framerate of the movie should be -- open it in QuickTime, do a Get Info, note the framerate, then open it in FCP, and set the framerate manually.

James M. Have a look at this little app Took a look at iShowU - some limitations I see from reading the manual - - don't notice any support for As stated above, no combination of the recommended or other workflows I tried would get FCP to recognize the correct frame rate, bring the clips in as native, restote the missing 24fps frames, or leave me with the full duration of my clips. So I created a sequence in FCP for each and every clip and batch exported them with my native frame size and compressor, but with the correct frame rate As one would expect, batch expoorting these created quicktimes that had the correct frame rate, with none of the weirdness that every other workflow resulted in including the export from QT Player.

Not only that, but this seemed to be the only workflow that restored most of the missing frames - I wound up with only 1 repeated frame every 12 or so frames. FCP's relation between the source media and the sequence kept the audio in sync, kept all the media, restored the missing frames, and forced the media to be native to my sequences, regardless of keyframe settings, original frame rate, original frame size, etc.

It also seems to do what only Ciname Tools had been able to - dig past QT's mis-interpretation of the frame rate and restore the missing frames. For that matter, and just a question about FCP 6, howsabout giving us 2 importatnt functions that would have made this easier - creating a sequence preset from an existing sequence - creating a preset one attribute at a time reminded me of setting up capture settings in FCP 1. I forgot to do this before I started duplicating my custom sequences, and hhad to add and map the ouputs for all the sequences after the fact - made me wish I were getting paid by the hour.

Anyway - I recommend this as the blunt instrument approach to fixing the issue with SnapZ's complete and total incompatibility with Quicktime's frame rate and file duration calculation methods. Now, all I need is a way to get Applescript or Automator to track all the steps necessary to take a selected clip, copy it's name, create a sequence with the desired preset, and edit the clip into the sequence. Every time I try to use Automator or Applescript, it is unable to record what seem to be the simplest of steps, such as pasting the clipboard, or clicking ok in a dialog box.

Does anybody acutally use this tool? II'd love to find a more efficient way to convert this media, but this one seems pretty bulletproof. Hoep this helps some of you SnapZ-ers out there. Max Average. RedTruck Question: Ask a question Reset. Have any comments, suggestions, or favorite Gadgets? Drop John a line at john macobserver. Today's Mac Headlines. Hot Deals Great prices on hot selling Mac products from your favorite Macintosh resellers. Special Offers Promotions and offers direct from Macintosh developers and magazines. Software Browse the software section for over 17, Macintosh applications and software titles.

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Podcast - Mac Geek Gab Mac Products Guide. New Arrivals New and updated products added to the Guide. No portion of this site may be copied without express written consent. I was able to create a scene and save it. I don't know if this is due to No incompatibility problems found in creating, opening, or saving scenes. The drives are visible in Disk Utility, but not mountable, nor repairable. The drives performed as expected for a week after install, then failed within a day of one another. I had a baffling problem with a LaCie d2 Firewire drive that would mount on my powerbook, but take out the IO system on my Quicksilver, even though both were running OS X A firmware update from LaCie fixed this problem, and the drive has been fine ever since -- Panther and Tiger both.

I can print 4 x 6 on Letter size paper or on Legal size paper, but not on 4 x 6 paper. I called Canon Tech Support and after a long walk thru with no results, they claim it is a problem with Tiger, that I should call Apple. I have the latest drivers from Canon and [they] worked fine under Panther. All browsing works, image import works, etc. Two others confirm that this also occurred with Panther.

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Andreas Graf reports the software crashed if more than one person was using the scanner. Give everybody full access to this file: Steve Kelly also reports success: I also use the NU scanner. The driver version that I have is 7. The Canon software was installed after all system updates. The CCC web page includes this notice: Apple updated the authentication sceme of AppleScript Studio yea! In the meantime, keep in mind that you can use the Disk Utility application to clone one disk to another as well as to create a disk image of your hard drive. However, two readers report problems with scheduled actions: My old scheduled CCC jobs stopped running after the Tiger update, but even after having created new ones to run overnight every night, nothing much , if anything, seems to happen.

See Apple discussion for hack-arounds. Chess applications Reader writes, "Chessmaster has major problems. You can no longer select your opponent and you cannot access Chessmaster's database. uses cookies.

A Chessmaster patch is imminent. Reader report: Feral Interactive's site does not specifically mention any issues with Tiger or any timeframe for updates. The version available on our website since 23rd January is compatible with Mac OS Any customer registered with the latest version since 23rd Jan has not had a problem. The screen often ceases updating although mouse clicks still control the other machine.

It's become necessary to close and re-open the connection practically each ime the screen needs to be updated. A third reports: One machine I use frequently will drop its connection after a period of inactivity, requiring a reconnection, but I believe that is an attribute of the VNC server and not the CotVNC client; in any case this was happening before Tiger as well.

I am using OSXvnc server version 1. You cannot connect to a wireless network with WEP enabled. I was able to log-in to our VPN just fine using pptp after upgrading to Several readers report success with it. However, Skip Haughay reports: This software was released on Friday. It works great, so long as you don't want to do perhaps one of the most common things you would wish to do with VPN from a Mac The machine will crash, and spectacularly so.

Ends up right in the kernel every time, with a corrupted stack. I have verified this behavior on two machines, an iMac G4 and an iMac G5. Others have corroborated this behavior on Powerbooks and the like. But a third reader reports no such problems: Browsing the volume in icon or list view was fine. But, switch to column view - BOOM. In particular, when the network connection changes as the result of e. To work around this you can restart the Cisco VPN kernel extension. From the Terminal, run: Two suggestions: I followed his instructions and got the VPN Client working fine on my dual-G5, even without trick 1 - and before trying this, I could not get anything to work it appeared to connect but never did really and had to be force-quit to exit.

This is using Vanilla For some reason, Classic does not inherit these settings from OS X. In fact, I seem to be doing that more often with this latest version of the client. The client does fix the AFP kernel panics so it's a step in the right direction. Unable to connect the VPN Subsystem" after installing the 4.

I think something in the installation is turning Internet Sharing via Firewire "on". Turned it off, and the VPN client works great! Readers continue to report mixed results although with more positive reports with Version 4. It still has the same problems with DNS support for some people that were present under Cisco is working on an update. James MacBurney reports: It supports dual proc systems, now works fine with AFP mounts, etc.

There is, however, one caveat Some people have reported that the ClamAV user which is required for the updating of virus definitions appears at Tiger's login window. This issue can be solved by installing the most recent version of the ClamAV engine which is currently sitting at 0.

This happens because Cleaner doesn't see QuickTime-compressed H. The workaround is i remove CTVD from the Login Items list, preferably before upgrading, ii if it's too late, delete the corrupted preference file or replace it from a pre-Tiger backup and then iii put CTVD in the Dock or the like so it's easy to start manually.

If you have set the preferences as you want them, then you sould not have to make to many changes. CVTD starts up at login as per normal, automatically. If you try to use the Download Archive to get a previous days cartoon, sometimes it will cause the program to abort. I don't know if this is a result of the changes in the Tiger kernel granularity, but it is an peculiar problem, as the files are sent correctly the first time or three, then they are truncated by varying amounts, usually only a quarter of the pic being delivered. It seems to function, but all its screen captures are blank -- well, not blank, but rather filled with that plain, whitish-grey striped background that OSX uses for title bars.

Greg Shields writes that Apani has now released the Tiger-compatible version. Another reader reports that trashing com. Prior versions will not run, according to Creo. See the web site for details. If I try to open more than one site, Cute will close, and must be restarted. If I disconnect the site, a new one can be opened. The crashes seem to have no repercussions, the app just keeps restarting with no problems. As I said annoying, but still works. A reader advises that problems seem to be fixed. The situation seems to be associated with the coincidence of a power glitch during the backup process.

Once this happens, further attempts to use the tape within Retrospect only makes matters worse, to the point where, eventually, it will refuse to even recognize the tape. It is also a royal pain to work with - finicky, and prone to crash or ruin backup sets in mysterious ways So also with Tiger. My backups to disk seem to work well, but backups to the VXA-1 tape are prone to freezes and catalog corruption.

Trying to rebuild a catalog from my 16 tapes seems to be hopeless I have tried two different tape drives and two different computers - no dice. This happens using the latest Retrospect release 6. Fortunately I have a spare computer sitting around, and it is now busily consuming power to do the backups again having essentially lost GB of backup tape data. Deep Freeze Faronics 1.

Snapz Pro X 2.1 Manual

Faronics http: A release is expected no later than May Problem may affect other readers used without rebooting. A reader adds: A free compatibility update for Pro Tools LE 6. DiskWarrior 3. DivX QT Codec 5. Also breaks QT movie playback in iconized windows -- for any kind of movie, not just DivX.

This is not at all intuitively obvious, but it has also been reported by others on the Apple Discussion boards. Deleting the codec and restarting eliminates the problem. I've verified that this is the cause by re-installing the codec, which results in the same error. On certain systems, it prevents the Classic environment from launching. Classic will hang after bringing up the Welcome screen. The console log might indicate a QuickTime error that is not explicitly showing DiVX to be the problem. Removing the DiVX component fixes the problem. I launch Classic all the time without problems.

So, we don't necessarily have to wait for an update -- we can also downgrade instead to version 5. It is still conveniently available on their download page. Just make sure you pick 5. I can confirm that this doesn't cause the duplicated Help menus problem and doesn't break iconized movie playback in Mac OS X I do not use Classic myself, but there's a good chance this version won't have that incompatibility either.

We are working to make it work on Mac OS Draytek miniVigor 2. Driver does not load. DVDBackup 1. No longer works on A second reader confirms. Dymo Label Writer David Wolfe reports: The beach ball continues to spin. Dymo does not appear in the 'Other' driver list. I had no problem with the earlier versions of the software on Next, open your hard drive and do a search for the file com. Trash any entry that comes up.

Reboot your computer. When fully back up, open the Printer Setup Utility. Click Add. Next, click More Printers. It will say Searching For New Drivers. Let this complete, and it will then ask you to Reload the Browser. This process may take a upwards of five minutes. When the browser is back up choose Dymo Label from the drop down menu, and your printer should be listed.

Click on the printer and then click on add. The printer now should appear in the printer list. We have identified potential minor incompatibilities with EndNote Reader says, "EndNote 6. There are several bugs, most notably End Note throwing up 'invalid field' text in some references. Reinstalling Office did not solve the problem. When formatting a bibliography in Word Office edition , Endnote occasionally pop up an error message "Service Error: Subsequently clicking on a reference in Endnote produces the same error message. Quitting and relaunching is the only fix at the moment on my system.

However, since upgrading to Tiger, I can no longer send file attachments without them being corrupted when received. I can verify its not a specific file problem as I can reproduce this with different files and have sent the same files with Apple Mail with no issues. Maurice Coombs adds: At the suggestion of Microsoft Canada Support, I changed the preferences in Entourage so that attachments are set to be encoded ' This appears to have fixed the problem for me.

It is. Michael Koch adds the following notes: Word files, Excel files, PDF files; attachments that come through fine for me: This reader also points to a workaround posted on AccelerateYourMac, which involves using a dummy file as the first in a set of multiple attachments.

This is great news so far However, Martin Michalowski follows up later with this note "How wrong I can be! I guess in my enthusiasm of installing For no apparent reason, to me at least, I now get corrupt attachments again. It worked fine yesterday but today it's back to ground zero. Let's hope Intego, Apple, and Microsoft really get together and fix this. You used to be able to access it from some of the OS printer setup boxes, but now the button is grayed out.

And if I try to launch it manually it will just continually crash. Six others report no problems. Three more report the same problem, with one relating his resolution of it: I then ran the updaters from the Epson website and everything now seems to be working. One reader reports that the generic fix of using Printer Setup Utility to delete all printers and then re-add them cured the problem for him. No need to update drivers or reinstall from CD. When I tried to run Epson Printer Utility it hung the computer. As soon as I reset it to use the one provided by Epson, the utility worked fine.

That would be why deleting the printers and restoring them would work. It just crashed and refused to work. Thanks a lot for alleviating the frustration. Afterwards it may be safely used via a USB hub, though. Epson support was quite unhelpful on the issue and still insists that their scanner will not work whilst connected to an external usb hub. See the Reader Report for the instructions, which are too lengthy to repeat here.

Bill Johnston: I followed his directions to the letter. My Epson Photo Perfection would still not scan. I called Epson. We first determined that the problem wasn't with the equipment. We then went through again all the steps that Avi had listed, and others; still no scanning. I tried reinstalling Tiger. Still no scan. I plugged the Perfection into my iBook, also running Tiger; still no scanning. We did more tests of the equipment. Their conclusion is that my scanner has gone bad. I've taken it in to a local Epson service center, its still being under warranty.

I should know more later this week about whether the difficulty was equipment or software.

Snapz Pro X tutorial

A call to Epson Tech support uncovered the remedy: I had to uninstall the Epson scanner driver software and reinstall the latest Epson scanner driver software downloaded from the Epson web site. Following this, I was able to scan just like before my system upgrade to Tiger. The Epson download description of the scanner driver is a bit misleading, implying it's only applicable for OSX versions through OSX When this happens, the program will repeatedly quit when relaunched until 1 the user reboots or 2 the quits stop happening -- and the program will quit times in a row once relaunched.

The frustrating part is that the quits are not reproducable, nor do they seem to be related to any specific action that we can see on Eudora's part. I've had the same problem for years, although it's not as severe Eudora 6. Most likely there's a corrupted database somewhere causing these crashes - which is no help, since it doesn't seem to be something users can fix.

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Extensis products Extensis has released Portfolio 7. See the Extensis Compatibility page for a complete listing. Font Reserve Standalone 3. When you send a fax, the modem connection sound can't be monitored, regardless of the preference setting. FileMaker Pro 6 Plug-ins may crash with Tiger - e. SecureFM 7. FileMaker Pro 7 Reader report: This problem is eliminated with Suitcase X11, which can load at least several hundred fonts and FileMaker seems to work fine.

This takes the form of glyph substitution - a particular letter is substituted on a particular page One font in particular, Gill Sans, seems to suffer more than others. FontBook shows this and all other installed fonts to be undamaged. The font prints properly outside of FMP7. I experienced crashes when starting FileMaker if too many fonts were loaded or if one font in particular was loaded MS P Gothic.

I have since discovered that this problem is related to missing system fonts I had removed most of the foreign language fonts from System: When I put those fonts back, FileMaker now functions as expected and as it did in The Fink project currently offers a temporary revised http: I haven't had any kernel panics. Sean Collins adds: I am not having any problems with it. A new SATA cable fixed the drive problems. Kudos to their Tech support. Very fast! Finally, I went to the Flip4Mac website. They're not compatible with Tiger, though they say it won't be long. I have spoken to the team at Insider, and they appeared to be unaware of these issues, but seem to be very keen to get a Tiger version out as soon as possible.

Football Manager 5. After that, and going back to the main menu, everything seems to work fine. Sometimes replacing the prefs will help temporarily, but the problem usually re-occurs on next login when the timer app starts up. This affects the scheduling of recording, but the viewing software seems OK. Complete uninstall and reinstall appears to make correction for one launch only. It sometimes works if set to launch at login, but you cannot relauch it after quitting.

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Granite Digital FireWire cases A reader notes: Granite Digital http: Until we have a solution we recommend that you do not use our system on this OS. Even partitioning does not help Of course this makes my backups to this drive useless until they fix it. I've been able to use these under Tiger by creating one MB partition and letting the 2nd partition default to the remaining space I can fully use the first partition, though attempts to write to the 2nd smaller one result in a hang every time. All of my Macs running Tiger I don't know if the problem is initializing the drives in Tiger.

All of my drives had been previously initialized in Panther. I am using it on OS X Then I restarted with a Tiger disk and attempted to make a clone to the newly initialized disk using SuperDuper. This worked fine with the total disk size under gb.

Tiger Compatibility

I then duped a large folder to send the disk size over gb and ran into the same 'freeze' problem. I hope Granite Digital solves this quickly. Groupcal 2. We are currently working to resolves these issues and will release an update once they are corrected. They're having to rewrite it fairly radically due to last-minute changes in iCal 2. I estimate that we'll have something more to tell you in a week or so. May need to turn up from low default volume. Highpoint say they are going to work on the problem but do not know when they will have an answer.

I had no problem upgrading to Tiger Be sure you have the drivers rrx-mac-v installed. A reader reports: The HP software can not find the printer on the usb chain even though it shows up in the system profiler. I am effectively shut down. After that I could not get the Pismo to recognize the HP as a printer.